10,752 July 22 Google AdSense Earnings

Here we go ka-Money Earnerz. Will be reviewing again our earnings from Google AdSense last month of July. I think it’s pretty much what I expected from June and July’s earnings as the market sentiment of my main niche which is the stock market is on a bear market territory.

For those who are new to our blog, I publish my monthly earnings on Google AdSense to let you know that we can do side hustles or side income while we are having a full-time job. As the main goal of our website is to be able to find ways on how we can achieve financial freedom. This is not meant to show off the results but to remind us all (yes including me as I published this regularly) that there are other ways aside from our full-time job to earn income.

The plan is we will include all the details of our side incomes where we earn 5-6 digits per month from it. It is possible and certainly doable as I have been doing it for quite some time. I’m working hard as well to find other ways to bring up the income as we know we can’t rely on one source of side income as well.

In the future, I have a personal goal of doing this thing full time.

It might be a part time now only, and we can’t expect much from it, but we will just have to enjoy the journey to our main goal.

All of my side income for now are done online and I encourage you as well to start especially if you are in your 20’s and 30’s now that you have a full-time job. I started this side hustles during my late 30’s as I did not take this seriously last time. Looking back now the earlier the beginning the more advantageous for you as you can start learning all the fundamentals of savings, side income and investing for your future financial freedom. You can take more risk and learn experiences along the way. For sure there will be mistakes, I encountered a lot, but if you are persistent enough, you can achieve your goal.

There is a way to beat the stagnation of income, I have proven on the last few months of blogging and showing you my AdSense earnings only. We are not factoring in yet other sources of side income such as courses, advertisement, speaking engagements, affiliate and sponsorships.

Looking at the results of our earnings for July, we were able to get AdSense earnings of $192 or 10,752 pesos. This is the smallest earnings so far since we start our blog.  As I have mentioned before this is to be expected when the niche of our blog is affected as well by the markets. Still in the 5 digit range and I guess I should be glad that it is still significant amount.

This brings us to a total of $886.29 or 49,627pesos which is just a few hundred pesos away only from our withdrawal goal of 50,000 pesos. I think we can get our earnings goal by end of August. Salary day is just around the corner as our review published is on August 25.

As you can see also on the above photo, the earnings  shown with $5.85 came from my website Bodegapik which is very very low from what I am expecting (Its ok, this is a work in progress). Last year at the same time it earned $29.25. I aim to have at least $10-20 per month but I guess since I stop publishing during this Bear market, it is not earning much as well.

In addition sponsorship from my Crypto channel is still present. I made videos vlogs about play to earn games and Trading platforms (9 Tales, Race Kingdom, Marvel Avengers and L&S Knight Trading App).

That’s it for now for our earnings updates, next month will get back to slightly higher Google AdSense earnings as I see some up move in the numbers as we recovered slightly now from the Stock market bear territory.

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As I usually mentioned for those who would like to have a guide or idea on how I do these side hustles or side income, you can always ask me directly on my social media below or check my Patreon channel for Stock market Investing and Patreon channel for establishing your online side income.

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