12,906 My Google Adsense Earnings for June 2022

Hi again Money Earnerz readers, were here to update you on our google AdSense Earnings for June. My previous expectation is that it would not go well this month as this seems to be the very bottom of the market correction for the year 2022. It still not so visible on its impact for June as we are just a few hundred pesos lower from May’s earnings but for our July earnings discussion, it appears so. I am a bit late on updating you as well on the progress of our earnings from youtube vlogging.

I did plan to post more videos for this month, but I guess I am not as motivated as before as everything on my investments are still going downhill. It takes an emotional toll as well, so I just did what I normally does, vlog consistently on my daily schedules.

You will notice also that my blog posts for bodegapik.com and money earnerz.com had stop. So one thing you can consider when you are doing a website vlog is it takes more effort to persuade yourself to start writing again once you stop for a while. Lucky my youtube vlogging is not affected so the earnings for this month is still there.

For the Month of June our AdSense Earnings totaled $231.05 or 12,906 pesos. Slightly lower than our May earnings. Still good I guess as this is just a side hustle/gig we are doing and while enjoying our financial freedom journey.

Together with last months earnings the total for June is now $694.04 or 38,579 pesos, still a bit far from our withdrawal goal of 50,000 pesos. It might take 2 more months to complete our task.

For youtube sponsorship I managed to get a few promotions. But as mentioned before also this is always declining every month because of the continuous drop of Bitcoin price. At this timeframe, Bitcoin (BTC) dropped to 18k level which practically wipe out approximately 70% of those investing starting from its peak of 60k level. I had collaboration with D’Cent Wallet, Startbots, DIFX Trading and Age of holders.  I’m still amazed at how the crypto sector have lost its value very fast causing a widespread effect on all assets related to it. That’s how volatile crypto is.

Sponsorship provides a very good source of income as it can go several times higher (I’d say on the estimate is 4 times at least higher) as compared to Adsense Earnings as Adsense revenue is divided between youtube (45%) and the content creator (55%). But in terms of control since Sponsorship depends on advertisers, we could not have prediction over this and earnings would always be fluctuating.  As a form of side hustle its very difficult to estimate as it really depends on the demand on the niche you are following and number of promotions requested.

For Youtube adsense as it is based on your channel CPM (cost per mile) you can estimate earnings per video uploaded. In order to have significant earnings from youtube ads, you just need to upload more relevant videos as much as possible. For my case since I have low motivation for this Bear months, I just do my regular vlog. The beauty of having your own business is you are not forced to do things when you are not motivated to do so. But of course you still need to upload if you want to have earnings as Youtube is not completely passive income.

I want to talk a bit also on the development on our Money Earnerz Patreon Channel. I am doing this (as part of my side gig of course) and at the same time provide guide to those who are willing to venture on the financial freedom journey. Youtube would be the best course of action for aspiring individuals to start at its revenue is higher compared to other medium. Website I guess takes twice as much time as Video vlogging as people are more adept at watching information in modern age.

So for start, the online course already have 4 videos uploaded and I plan to add more to complete the package where individuals who want to earn side income by developing first a brand (which is yourself) and later on use it for future source of income as what I am currently doing. Each of the videos presented contains step by step process which I compiled based on my personal experiences.

Lesson 1 Consist of the overview and expectation on the course, here we have a discussions on the opportunities present on online side income generation. Here i show as well how I am generating 6-digit side income from my online activities, curious how I do it? You can join the Patreon to see how.

Lesson 2 focuses on the requirements of creating a powerful brand for the business. This part shows the summary of reasons why we need to develop a brand. The brand could be your business or yourself. For my case as I do website blogs and youtube blogs is myself. Ways on how to achieve have been itemized as well. This officially shortens your learning curve as the pointers I mentioned were all based on my personal experience.

Lesson 3 discussions step by step requirements of preparing your blog posts to prevent time consuming activities. This deals more with the skills that I develop to have a high rate of success on your blog promotions.

Lesson 4 is aimed to help a person to improve video editing skills. As the activities I am showing are all online, we must be able to develop the basic skills. There are no advance skills needed as I have shown on this lesson. Below is a sample snapshot of our Patreon Lessons.

These are the current available lessons for now each of which can be at least 30 minutes, but I plan to add all the learnings and experiences as I mentioned.

So, that’s it for now. Hope you like our blog again for today and the insights and sharing that we are doing is helping you get motivated to start your own journey for your financial freedom.

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