14,219 AdSense Earnings for September

Hi Ka-Money Earnerz, were here again for our regular Adsense earnings summary for the month of September. This time around, we managed to break our 13k pesos earning barrier as some of the initial earnings from the first website that we bought to try this new form of passive earning has been included already. Great earnings for September I would say!

I have been detailing my experiences from the past two articles I have published, you may check it out. The information includes my personal experience on buying the website I added in my portfolio.

You can check the Articles here.

How to Buy a Website for Passive Income and Really Earn from it

How to Make a Website for Passive Income

For now, my total website is 5, and as I mentioned from my previous months earnings report that it takes a toll on me just trying to make an article for each of this site. Sometimes I end up in weekends just thinking what I need to put there to add value to this websites and ending up with no articles. It’s new to me and I have not adjusted yet from this.

In the end I just try to manage and publish what I can do. I am just too new on managing these too many sites so I’ll just do it one at a time. Some of them may not have any update for the month. Its quite difficult to switch your mindset from one niche to another, so I suggest if you are just starting out to limit it to at most 2 websites only.

After browsing websites that are for sale, I get easily motivated to create a new website niche related to this websites but in the end, ending exhausted on the next topics. Its easy to create up to 5 pages on a new website but after your motivation fades, its quite hard to maintain it already.

The only positive at doing it slowly now even with these too many sites is it takes a new website year(s) to gain momentum, so if you really do intend to do blogging for the future in the long term, might as well start it now than later.

Anyway back to our earnings report, the new website is really helping bump my monthly earnings and hopefully with slightly higher average for the coming months. As you can see on the below earnings, there is an additional $27 from last months regular earnings from my websites. You can check the previous blog to understand where I started the counting of our earnings.

Adsense Earnings for Website

So for the month of September our Earnings from Adsense for the Websites is $27 or 1,593 pesos. Again very small for now but we hope that after adding more articles to existing websites we can grow this little by little.

I am writing this article at the end of October so there is a one month delay on our data. For October, I saw the performance of the new website maybe at its full strength (but not for our Youtube).

Not so much but it still significant for the Adsense earnings as the usual $20 earnings went now to $76 or 4,484 pesos. This will be added for October Earnings. This is just to show you the impact of the website we bought.

The new site is earning for now more than 3k pesos. Other earnings are coming from the 2 websites (bodegapik.com and moneyearnerz.com).

And just to mention by the way I just learned from constantly looking for a new website to buy that if  website is earnings is around $70, people are willing to buy it at $3,000 (177,000 pesos). So maybe if I can maintain this earnings per month then I made a good buy on the website I bought for only $900 as its income alone is more than $40 per month.

Again this is assuming I can maintain this earnings on a monthly basis, this we will need to have to see more data in the future. We have typhoon affecting the internet in the Philippines now so we might not get the same results later.

So I am just being choosy where to invest my next 3K USD. Earnings from website do fluctuate month per month and its not guaranteed that you can earn the same each time.

Now for our Youtube earnings, it is slightly below last months earnings as the stock market is still not stable. There are more holidays as well during September and October so I guess its pretty much normal to experience more decline. I did see my October earnings at it would be the lowest for this year earnings in month to month basis.

I don’t do vlogging also in my youtube channel if there is holiday. Base from experience people watch more often if there is “action” coming from the market and this happens only during the regular days.

So we did earn $214 for our website last September earnings. This is equivalent to 12,626 pesos. Which I think still pretty decent as well with all the downtrend on earnings that I am encountering now.

Youtube Adsense

So our over all earnings for September Adsense is 12,626+1,593 = 14,219 pesos. So yes, we did finally break our earnings record for this year.

If you regularly follow my blog you can see that I never touch this level. This is a good achievement already especially if we can maintain this on a month to month basis.

On the sponsorship side of our Earnings, I manage to still get a 5 digit income for the month of September. The sponsorship side of our earning will be explain in more details in the future. It’s a bit complicated for now so just wait a bit before we explore more on this side. As I mentioned on previous blogs, once you are able to established your presence and have a brand (which is your website or youtube niche), sponsors will come naturally as well.

The stronger your brand the more earnings you can get. For now I can say that it is not as good as last year but getting 1 or 2 every month is good for me already.

I plan to focus more time on my website niches as this need more effort to grow. Youtube for me is easier to expand but my niche which is stocks and crypto currently does not have it seasonality so I will just have to wait till it picks up again. So expect the upcoming articles still focusing on website buying, selling and maintaining it.

And by the way some established websites earnings $100 and more per month sometimes can only have 50-100 pages and that’s it. There’s lot of opportunities on website but we need to wait a longer time for google to crawl out all our pages and put it out there when someone searches for the same niche topic.

Just maintaining with 1 or 2 articles per month is enough for some so I am focusing on “evergreen” niches for now.

On other side of our venture in the near future, maybe after I complete my house renovation as mentioned here, I will start our first rental property. This is a big project for me and it needs some big capital for investments.

I believe this is one of those I really aspire to have for my passive income ventures as rental properties never fluctuate much on earnings per month (assuming we have constant renters). I think its more stable than a website in terms of passive but it requires higher capital risk and the return on investment will be much longer.

So we are feeling great with this new website ventures as it will add a monthly passive income to our portfolio. 14K per month and we will try to slowly scale up our businesses more in the future.

So I guess this is it for now and our plans in the future.

This website caters also to provide guidance to those who want to take the same venture as we are doing. We have a Patreon channel you can use to link with me if you want to learn all this things that we are doing plus our experiences. Or if you are not in a hurry, then you can wait for the results of all this side hustles as time goes by as we will keep you updated on this website.

See you again guys for our next blog in MoneyEarnerz!

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