Joey is the founder of BodegaPik, a website to summarize studies and observations on the PSE market and 2 youtube channels, Philippine Stock Market Youtube channel, also known as “Palaboy Trader” and Palaboy Trader Cryptokoto, Crypto trading and NFT Games review. He does daily review of Trending stocks and teaches basics of Investing and trading in the Philippine Stock and Crypto Market . 

Money Earnerz was created to document and find ways for financial freedom. We are on an online age of technology where there are unlimited ways of generating side hustles or side incomes that would help us fill the gap of our current job or financial situation. I am hoping to make this as a guide for Filipinos as well.

He has the aim to educate Filipinos to be financially independent, either through the stock market or other forms of investments.

He is also is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently working in a Multinational  Company in Malaysia. 

For inquiries and possible collaborations please send email at palaboy_trader@yahoo.com