How much can you earn from doing a Website Blog?

What is Website Blogging and how do we earn income

Website blog is one of the opportunities available in the internet which we can take into advantage for accumulating side income or wealth.

Blogging is the most common way we can do to populate a web page and getting your earnings is from ads.  You can generate articles based on different topics but most successful bloggers that I know have a certain niche they try to focus on. The idea is to get as many people as possible to keep coming back on your site to get a specific knowledge that they seek and to be able to make them do that is to be specialized on a certain aspect of life. Do you like travelling? You can focus doing a travel blog. As for me I like doing trade and investing in the stock market that is why I created my Bodegapik site. You can check on the link provided for more details.

Google Adsense is the most commonly used platform for monetizing your website. There are other companies providing better rates than google adsense but for now as we are still new on this field, we will focus on Google adsense. You make and post an article on your site and when you become eligible for the requirements of Adsense, it will put advertisements on your articles. It can be found in article, before the article or after the articles depending on the Adsense algorithm or where you intend to put the advertisements.

Google has its own formula how it converts the ads into its dollar equivalent. Its common way of determining the value is based on number of views, quality of content, how long the viewers stay on the page or how many clicks have occurred on the advertisements. Later we will deal more on understanding the metrics used by google such as Cost per Click (CPC), Rate per mile (RPM) and the like.

Of course, there are other ways of earning from a website aside from the ads. You can do article promotions, provide advertisement space on your website and do sponsorship on certain products

So How much can you earn as a Website Blogger?

According to surveys I have seen on the internet, successful websites, those that are just started earnings on monthly basis can accumulate as  much as 2,000 pesos to 5,000 pesos per month ( $40 – 100$). Not bad for small websites. But remember this figure fluctuates a lot base on the article demand and popularity.

For my own experience, as my website is still not popular, month earnings can vary from 100 – 1,000 pesos per month. As I stop doing articles for a while, my earnings dropped significantly. I got too busy doing Vlogging in 2 you tube channels as I mention on my article, I maintain this two as it generates much higher earnings than my website. But since I notice the higher potential of website blog as compared to You tube Vlogging in the long term, I will get back to website vlogging and maintain a weekly article.

You can see from the snap-shot below my current earnings as of May 29, 2022 for my BodegaPik website. It is not high but I remain optimistic on its potential. Where the heck can you earn 1,000 pesos in this days without doing nothing (or writing few articles)?

More popular websites can earn $1,000 – $2,000 per month where you can earn 1$ – 5$ per 1000 views or visitors on your pages. But these sites are those that are usually maintain by companies with more staff rather than the small type of websites which has 1 or 2 person only maintaining the website.

The location of your viewers Matters

Google pays differently based on geographical location. Those views coming from progressing countries like United states (tier 1 countries) can have higher cost/payment than those viewed in India (tier 3 countries). Philippines is in tier 2 countries category

The numbers I got from researching this convince me that there is also money in website vlogging, plus it gives you the motivation to continue doing it as website tend to be more profitable in the long run as compared to you tube vlogs. If your articles have a recurring or answers questions commonly asked, you can have recurring earnings from new viewers

How long before you can Earn from a Website?

The process of acquiring the necessary requirements to be monetize on a website depends of few items

               1. The website should at least meet basic requirements like having quality content articles, a few articles, could be 10 good articles with at least 1,000 words per article.

               2. Apply for Google adsense approval. Google checks for community post compliances, quality of content and originality. Approval could take several weeks to few months (yes it takes time)  for a new website, but for my case since I had adsense from my you tube channels, I can easily integrate it, it took me 2 weeks before ads started appearing out

               3. Write original content while waiting for the approval as you need to build up audience which will consistently read your articles for the ad revenue to accumulate

How to keep Maintaining income or side income from your Website?

  • The Niche Market should be consistent. When you are still new and trying to find the right niche for your website, you can write as many articles as you can. Once numbers/ statistics come out that for example your viewers like entertaining articles and you get much of your revenue from it, start focusing on the niche. From my you tube vlog experience, I also started on different topics but later focus on stock Market as my niche where now currently all my viewers are of the same interest
  • Find social media groups with the same topic of discussions. When I started my vlog, I constantly post on Facebook groups that are specifically discussing the stock market. This help build up my personal brand and it got my views running up from nearly 100 views to 1k views per day
  • Your topics should provide Help guides. People comeback to a website where they can get answers from common questions they can understand. So, if you provide the services that they want, they will keep coming back
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