How to Earn Passively from Affiliate Marketing (I tried Shopee Affiliate)

Do you want to learn as well how to earn passively from affiliate Marketing?

I did try this method of online earning after watching several youtubers showing good income from affiliate marketing. It did inspire me as the method involve posting only links from products that I like to buy.

In the Philippine context, there are 3 main possible source of affiliating sites to try out this side hustles. You can try Involve Asia, Lazada or Shopee. Lazada could be the biggest of the three as I often see it with vloggers and secondly is Shopee.

For my case I tried using Shopee and concentrate on this alone first to try and know the requirements of the platform. Although I got accepted also on Involve Asia before and recently on Lazada I want to focus on Shopee first and see what I can learn from it and later apply to other affiliate sites. As an employee working full time (8 hours a day) and doing vlogs after going home, I have limited time to do affiliate, so all I can do is post links and that’s what I did for the last 2 months and I will be sharing the results on this vlog.

Shopee Affiliate program

Lazada Affiliate Program

Involve Asia Affiliate program

Click here if you want to apply for Involve Asia Affiliate Program. Start promoting and earning side income from posting shop links.

So what Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a advertising model in which a company rewards third party publishers (for my case I am a social media vlogger or influencer) to generate leads to the company’s product and services. Once a customer buys a certain product using the links published by that third party a commission is paid to the third party.

This is a great way for the company to promote their product and it brings benefits to its partners as well. These products are consisted of anything that a customer can buy based on their personal needs. Its like a sari sari store but just done online.

The partner will serve as an endorser of the product and a certain percentage commission normally at least 7% in case of Shopee affiliate program. Based on what I have watch from those who are doing this full time it is very profitable especially if you have established a base of followers since in some way you can affect the decision of a customer whether they will buy the product or not.

Trying it out first time gives me the impression that I have a personal store where any product I can sell to a prospect customer as Shopee covers all varieties of products you can think of from personal, lifestyle, toys, games, hobbies, Health and personal or books.

Three Ways Affiliate Marketers are Paid

Pay per Sale

For this type of Affiliate, merchant pays the affiliate a certain percentage on sale of the product, after an actual sale has been completed. So customer need to buy first and merchant through Shopee website will compensate the affiliate marketer (or me) as this is recorded on and shown on my conversion reports.

The Shopee product below has a commission rate of 7%, so for the price of 1,788 I would get 125 pesos once successfully completed.

This is a sample of a sold product and a commission I am entitled.

Pay per Lead

So instead of a product, Pay per Lead will generate income once a prospective customer follows your link and completed a certain task like registering to a website. The website is acting as our merchant and once someone does the task then we will get paid with the commission.

PPC (pay per click)

Are programs focus on incentivizing the affiliate to redirect consumers from their marketing platform to the merchant’s website. This means the affiliate must engage the consumer to the extent that they will move from the affiliate’s site to the merchant’s site. The affiliate is paid based on the increase in web traffic.

How to Become a Shopee Affiliate

To start becoming a Shopee Affiliate, you need to enroll on their affiliate program. Follow the instructions below and wait for the results. After completing the tasks and receive acceptance to the program you can start posting links. You can instantly start earning once someone buys using the link you provided.

  1. Sign up with the program. You can use this link

I just linked my facebook account for easier log in on the website. Then you fill in the details of the program

2. The link to fill up is on the upper right corner of the page. You need to fill in the affiliate details for Account settings and payment settings. Account settings refer to the details of your personal info while payment settings will contain your bank and personal info. This part is important as this is where you will get paid.

Another important part is the Media information, this is where you will put the social media you will have to use for promoting the links. I have a list of social media so I can use all of this after the approval.

3.0 Fill up the payment settings info, make sure all details are accurate and after filling in and clicking submit button this will then be under pending status. Once approved you can receive monthly the income you got from the earnings of your affiliate links.

4.0 Go to your Dashboard to locate your affiliate links for the product you want to promote. Click product offer.

Under each picture, there is a “get link” button located on the product photo lower right corner. The photo below contains also the details of the product and its commissions you can get.

Here is an example. Once you got the link, you can immediately paste on your social media. Links look like this for this product. You can click to view

The results are not as astonishing as what I have seen from the vlog posts I saw on youtube but one thing is sure, there is money you can earn from just posting links.

For the month of July I earned 175 pesos (I’m laughing when I saw this last month) but then again its what I earned and I learned so much from doing this that it is indeed possible to earn money from posting links.

For the month of August, I currently have 209 pesos outstanding earnings. You can view this under payment Dashboard.

I Just got verified! (August 24, 2022)

My Shopee Affiliate account just got verified. I will get the two months worth of earnings for this update. Nice, another confirm side Hustle!

The Shopee feature also has a very powerful tools where you can see what products were sold and how much you earned from it.

It is interesting to note that none of the products I posted got sold but rather products bought after browsing my links generated the income.

You can view this in conversion report.

I posts this links under each of my youtube videos or in my twitter posts. See sample below of affiliate links.

Sample links on my youtube channel

I created also a Facebook page dedicated on this type of passive income while slowly introducing the links to my followers.

FB page 1:

FB page 2:

So that’s the summary of my experience on the affiliate marketing, not as good as I expected in terms of earnings but there is a starting point. To generate more sales from my link, I think I need more time to established good relationship to my followers. I never announce this in my channels as well as I don’t want my followers to focus on this but rather on my main channel niche which is either PSE stock vlog or Crypto vlog.

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