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Welcome guys to our new Website called Money Earnerz.

I created this site to share all my ideas about financial freedom, investing, saving and money-making tips using the web or internet as a medium and while trying also to look for opportunities other than our current job as a source of income.

Nowadays everything can be searched out on the net and surprisingly not everyone is knowledgeable on how to utilize it for our personal benefits. I am constantly browsing the net especially for possible sources of income that we can do aside from our existing jobs (for income security of course) or if we don’t have job, but maybe you have notice also as well that majority of vlogs supposedly that will help us find this does not discuss in depth topics on how they do it. Everybody is sharing tips on 5 ways of earning good income or 30 Ways of earning Millions, but they lack actual way of achieving them.

And of course, for sure, creating a website just like this is one of the ways of earning (and I can share my earnings as well) and creating articles to inspire people help a lot but I think there is still some missing items from these articles as we don’t see practical application on how to use the advises from our reading.

As my main goal or I should probably say anyone of us that are in the current workforce aspires to have financial freedom to at least do what we want with our life later on. I, myself have been working for quite some time as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker, 10+ years and still) so there are times that it comes to my mind that our time as an employee will have its end, I keep thinking of ways on how I can support my self and family later on.

Then after searching for quite some time, during the year 2010, you might have noticed this was the time also when the internet boom out much than we could have anticipated and because of the utilization of fiber optics, data has become faster, and you know youtubers or youtube vloggers presenting their earnings really picked my interests. So, I did start a vlogging channel as well and this idea has sprouted to numerous possibilities and open my mind on the unlimited opportunities of using social media to earn side income and side hustles.

To introduce a bit about myself, I am Joey and also known in Youtube (not much subscriber though) as “Palaboy Trader”. I do manage 2 youtube channels for vlogging. First is my Philippine Stocks Trading Channel which you can find here ( I do review what happens on the Philippine stock market on a regular (daily) basis and this channel has 38k subscribers. This channel has consistently earned me a good income and I could say I earn on average a 5-digit income in Pesos per month (not bad for a small channel). I plan to share with you what I learned from doing youtube vlog from the last 3 years of doing this, so wait for my next articles for this.

My second channel, Palaboy Trader Cryptokoto ( was created as a result of looking for further expanding my side income earnings from youtube. This channel has 22k subscribers and I do review Play to Earn Games and cryptocurrenty. Late last year, during the heights of the covid19 pandemic, people accepted NFT’s, Play to Earn Games (Axie Infinity, Plant vs Undead, MyDefi petz and the like), the opportunity from crypto currency has significantly increase my monthly earnings from this side income and made me thought of finally jumping out of employment, my earnings did reach a 6 digit in Pesos per month during this time (on this channel alone, Wow!), but it did not materialize because of the current Bear Market situation that we are experiencing right now, majority of my investments as well went down and people started shifting from the trend.

As part of growing my source of income from the internet, I created also a website, aside from this one and you can find it here ( I do have a passion on Stock Trading and investing so I dedicated this site to help Filipinos learn more about investing literacy. The website did earn some money on its initial roll-out, but I stopped from writing articles for some time due to time constraints on my 2 youtube channels.

I also created a Patreon channel (  for Stock Market Investing and Trading guide for those who are venturing on riskier assets. This channel aims to help people manage risks related to Investing. This takes my time during the weekends looking out for my members improvement and during actual trading hours, so I have to be careful on my time management so it will not affect so much my focus on my current job. It did affect my job dedication, but it opened my eyes on more other income opportunities. No pain, No gain really it does!

Did I mention I do have an 8-hour daytime job as well? As an OFW with 10+ years’ experience working in a Multinational company in Malaysia, I did enjoy my job for the first 4 years of being immerse as a “dedicated” employee, but there came a time I did question the sustainability of working too long for a company that might end my contract anytime. Not to be to pessimistic about my career I can always move on the another company as I do have the skills necessary to back my job hunting later on if the “worst” do happen, but I do want to learn more things outside from job employment as well.

As you can see from my brief self-introduction and some of my side hustles with the main goal of having financial freedom and independence from job employment, I was a bit hustling on the small time I got every day and every weekends. But it did help me out with paying out my expenses and I was able to buy things I need as well for my job (like a better car, as I am using a very old local version of Malaysian car, I’m still paying it month though, and its ok I can pay it full but I prefer doing it on a monthly basis).

There are different ways of finding side income to achieve financial freedom and my aim is to look for them and share it to you. These side gigs are attainable by anyone as you can see later on as I share more in detail my experiences.

I plan also to create a Patreon channel for those who are really dedicated in learning all of this. In all of this endeavors, I did not spend any money other than what I currently have, my internet, the web, and cellphone. I do not have skills on videography or connections to famous people or vloggers when I started, but I did exchange my free time (quite a lot) and effort to get this side earnings of at least 6 digits per month.

Even with those people sitting beside me in the office for the few years we’ve been working together, I do see a lot of people complaining on how the monthly earnings from salary is not enough but not wanting to do about it.

I am willing to share it with you and willing to learn from you as well. So I hope the insights from our first article have you thinking that there are ways other than employment.

See you in my next article.

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