12,166 Php My Google Adsense Earnings for April 2022

As part of starting out this website channel documenting my activities online where I try to go on “Adventure” looking for different sources of income, I will also try to compile earnings that I had every month. This part of the website will be use to put all these things on so you can see as well the journey that we are going through. I reference some of the famous bloggers I read on the web like https://bysophialee.com/ in UK who famously blogs here achievements every month as well as https://savingspinay.ph/ from the Philippines

Since I just started this website, this May 2022 (and I am figuring out how to backtrack my earnings from vlogging), let this be the start of the documentation process of my earnings.

I am still working out how to compile all my earnings as I would like to officially file my side hustles as an official business. Yes, I have a grand plan of doing this thing full time in the near future as significant stream of money can be realized if you really focus on internet website blogging and you tube vlogging. I have realized this only during the “hype” months of Crypto trading and Crypto games proliferation, the earnings were “sky high” (in my own terms, imagined I earned 6 figure in trading and vlogging every month) during those few short months.

I’ve been reading quite some time as well on websites as  I mentioned on my first blog here that people can do a living on a website alone really inspires me. There is no problem on my Work that would make me think of leaving it in the short term but as we grow old, we know that we cannot serve a company once our retirement age comes in. Internet blogging or vlogging can help on this later on. I know this deep inside my heart. It may be different for others but this is my direction.

As for the month of April, my google Adsense was $233.98 (Php 12,166). This includes earnings from my 2 youtube channels (Crypto currency Youtube – ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNl8YFp6ppXtxFHc1c2kLNg , Stock Market Trading You tube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdkoSpaa83Mme0_x5N0WXg  and a small website called BodegaPik – https://bodegapik.com/ )

You can see the summary snap shot below

Notice the last payment value of $1,056.82? That was for the last 3-4 months earnings. So, on average, I can earn a 5-digit peso income from blogging and my vlogging. Majority of which came from my you tube channels.

But as I mentioned to you, my plan is to focus on Website vlogging for the coming few months if the Crypto currency vlogging do not pick up soon. It did slow down very fast this month because of the Market dipping.

I still have another income from my Patreon channel but I am not yet comfortable on talking about it for now as this is related to stock market. Its currently on a steep correction so I don’t want to show it while my investment portfolio is in deep red right now. Earnings from it considerably drop as well due to market conditions.

As you know the earnings maybe too small as compared to others but I am only focusing on my own achievements in terms of earnings, If I try to compare much on other vloggers/bloggers it would not be right as it depends on different circumstances. Some vloggers are naturally born to do it, but for my case I have a driving force of wanting to have my own financial Freedom. I am a introvert type, you may not know it but I like vlogging using my voice only, but if the need arises like in my Crypto Channel, I can do it with ease as well.

I invested a lot of time doing this so I deserve what I got from it. You should think the same as well if you plan to follow up on what I am doing right now because it significantly improve my finances as compared 2 years ago and I am no longer thinking much of the word “lay-off” as I know I have this side income as my “insurance” later on.

Hope this inspires you to follow your dream as well to achieve financial freedom

If you want to learn more how I do these things, I am creating a Patreon channel for you to try and see. I can help you along the way to start your dream as well. Check this channel link https://www.patreon.com/user?u=74088193

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