13, 019 Php, My Google Adsense Earnings for May 2022

Hey Money Earnerz readers, we are back again to update you on the earnings we had for the month of May. As you can see from the Post title, we made slightly higher earnings for this Month as it is 1k higher than our April’s earnings (12, 166 Php).

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It is still in the 5-figure range (lucky I guess as the Market is super Bearish right now). It did slightly higher for May as I posted more videos on my main youtube channel and did a vlog for upcoming IPOs of ASLAG and VISTA REIT together with some promotional videos from a Sponsor Crypto App like Bitbank, Baby Elephant, Metalabs Agent and others.

The main niche of my channels are getting hammered now by low views and it is proving to be more difficult for Sponsorships as well due to the big drops from the Crypto Market and PSE Market which is the main topic of my 2 youtube channels. Bitcoin is now just hovering above 20k level while PSE is just above 6,000 level. Since my videos here are dependent on the market sentiment most people will not usually watch videos associated with these markets while the indices are getting lower. People will be emotional as well.

So, you should consider these aspects when doing a vlog for a certain niche. If the topic is affected by sentiments, then it would impact your earnings. Although this is normal for topics with a niche it still best not to be overly optimistic on your earnings and expecting higher earnings all the time.

I am then expecting lower AdSense earnings for the month of June and July because of the current situation.

This is the current total of our earnings from google AdSense from the month of April to May ($462.95) which is about Php 25,253. The minimum withdrawal for google adsense earnings is at $100 or 5,000 pesos but I set my limit at $1,000 or 50,00php so I can have it in my savings account have it withdrawn one time.

For this it takes about 3-4 months of saving my monthly income before I can withdraw. This goes straight to my Philippine bank account as you can configure adsense to send it to you. You can see the adsense snapshot below.

Pretty decent I guess as a small youtube vlogger to have a side income for doing this and I’m grateful that I did not mind those who are laughing when I first did the “hi guys” thing intro for my first vlog. I am just sharing my thoughts on youtube, and I get a premium in doing so.

One of the perks of having your Brand established, be in the youtube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tiktok or other social media is for Sponsors to ask you for promoting their products. One promoter asked me to post the below attachment (we call it GLEAM, give away event) on my social media to let people know of the activities of their product and agreed to receive a payment of $180USDT (Php 9,800). In return I let all the people on my social media to know about this, so I did mention this event as well during my youtube vlogs.

I encourage those who want to do the same to have their side income or side hustles to start vlogging or blogging. It doesn’t cause any money at all as you can do all these things on your existing gadgets (for my case I have my laptop when I started out) totally free of charge. We are only talking about my google adsense earnings for this monthly earnings review, but I am going to share also to you some of my earnings due to sponsorship, courses and affiliates. This are the most basic source of income from being a vlogger or a brand influencer.

If ever you decide to do this as well you can immediately start out or if you want to have direction on how to do this properly, you can join my Patreon channel catering to provide all the insights I have learn from the last 3 years of doing youtube. It will fast track your learning curve and let you learn all the mistakes you should avoid while doing so. It took me at least a year to start gaining momentum from my first channel and when I learned the proper way of doing things my second channel took off in just 2 months (with the right timing of course).

Money Earnerz Patreon Link >> https://www.patreon.com/user?u=74088193

The results could be different for everyone, others may be able to do it very fast while others may take longer, vloggers estimation if you really are dedicated in doing this is at 3-6 months before a channel takes off.

And as I mentioned you don’t need so many subscriber to earn 5-6 digits a month as a side income from a channel. You just have to get enough organic followers that resonates with the cause of what you are discussion and numbers will follow. My subscriber base never reach 50k yet so imagined those who have 100k subs or 1 Million subs. Well, I can share on my Patreon what I know on other vloggers income especially with those who have a high subscriber base.

Back to my google AdSense, when I first received my first 50,000 php earnings the bank called me to verify where is the money coming from, I guess its common in Philippines especially if you are receiving a dollar amount. So, better expect to have validations from your bank if later you plan to use it. There are other means of receiving your earnings, but it is by far easier on this method as I don’t have to go to a receiving center every time I get my earnings.

I may have to do more video upload for June to be able to maintain a 5-digit income from google adsense and I may have to search out more on how to motivate viewers for this stock market and crypto games topics.

So, I guess this is it for now, hope all the topics discuss on this website help you a lot to take the first step on finding our own financial freedom.

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