13,846 AdSense Earnings for August

This could be our last article for the month of September for MoneyEarnerz.com. I plan to write at least a week to post it here, but since I made a lot of activities related to my other websites, I did not have much time to spare.

Good day Ka-Money Earnerz, lets then discuss what happen to our blogging and Vlogging earnings for the month of August. As for those who are still new to our website, I do publish the earnings to help Filipinos get enlighten on the opportunity that is just within our reach but most of us are not taking the chance to get a piece of the pie.

Anyway I do hope that this will keep us both inspired to do what we are doing to finally reach our Financial Freedom.

I got hook this September with website matters which included creating a new one. I did rush the decision to open because later I might not be motivated again to do it. But in the end I ended up having too many I think. All in all I now have four websites and juggling my minimal time that is available while doing youtube vlogging is CRAZY, sometimes I sleep already past 12:00 midnight just to make articles for the newly created sites.

As you know bodegapik.com is my main website where I spent most of my time posting articles and news about stock market, while second is this MoneyEarnerz.com where I share what I know about side hustling.

But then again, I notice the very slow growth of these sites, Bodegapik.com is now 1 year old while MoneyEarnerz.com is few months old already, but in total the earnings for both sites is not satisfactory as compared to Youtube (Palaboy Trader and Palaboy Trader Cryptokoto). Bulk of the more than $200 earnings per month is coming from the Youtube and the smallest portion is coming from this two websites.

So here is my earnings for the month of August for the Website.

A whooping $9.59 dollars, Nyaha!. Nothing much really to say about this. Its not hard to make an article but the time invested is much more and also the fact that I am handling other matters as well just added some pressure in my side, oh well, no pain no gain as they say

So this is quite small for now.

But as I mentioned from my previous vlogs, I still believe that in the long run website blogging is more passive than youtube. Why?

I did see the earnings of those who have been running their websites for at least 3-4 years. Once you really find your niche in website, you can earn every single month without even uploading articles, TRUE essence of a PASSIVE income.

I may not have the proof right now, but I will show you later, I am trying to do something that if it become successful I can fully explain in the coming months, so better stick around. You might have seen already how it works with someone else website but the realization is much more clearer once you are the one who finally experience it. Wait for my next blogs about it. There will be a series of articles I plan to release to provide literacy as well about website blogging.

If you did not react much to the post figure of $9 above, you might have not notice the smaller numbers written below it.  There’s an $875 written below.

So finally I was able to withdraw what I have earn from the last 6 months that we are discussing our earnings. But then you might say I thought you mention you will only withdraw after getting 1k USD?

Well something happen with AdSense last month. They finally made a decision to separate earnings from Youtube! Last time both AdSense from website and Youtube are combine with its total earnings shown in one post, but now they are separated.

The reason I withdrew that $875 is because it will take a while to reach 1k USD if Youtube is not included in my earnings report. So I change the threshold to $100 and BOOM!, $875 went to my bank account. I receive a call from the bank to confirm and it went through.

So what happened to my earnings for Youtube for August then? I just recently receive it as I changed threshold also to $100 so another $229, SWEET!

So in reality my earnings for the month of August is $9 + $229 or  a total of $238 USD for the month of August or in pesos 13, 846 earnings. So its quite high for this month as I did additional video release in Palaboy Trader.

Now the thing is we have now reach our goal of 1k USD as we have $238 + $875.56 or $1,113.56 for the 6 months that we tried to reach our goal. This is equivalent to in pesos 64,586 which already went to the BANK.

And it went straight to my HOUSE renovation.

See, I mention in my Blogs that I am renovating my house to slightly enlarge its floor area as its really small when I bought it from my House and lot broker. So everything including some saving that we have have been included. Its not yet finish so I might work more hard for several other things needed.

The earnings are aleady ok in the sense that it is still a 5 figure side hustle (for adsense only, remember sponsorship, courses, affiliate, public speaking are not included) is not in my slightest idea that I could get over time. In addition these are not the best year or month as both Crypto and Stocks are still at the bottom right now as compared to our peak times last year. So I’m still happy with its results.

August definitely is much better from the previous earnings that we are discussing but I expect the downturn in September due to unforeseen events in the market. Anyway it’s another earnings result to discuss.

For the websites are performing slightly higher than August timeframe but still very low, just shy of $15 USD.

The reality of starters on Website blogging. Its way more difficult as compared to Youtube vlogging I guess. You can see it here

For now my initial goal on the websites is to get past my $30 threshold limit for Bodegapik.com and MoneyEarnerz.com, so don’t forget to subscribe to the bell button that appears or just monitor every week that we make a blog. It may take a while as I learn that website works differently than Youtube vlogs. There is a hierarchy of website that I must accomplish first before this becomes profitable.

In youtube what you need is your audience to be successful, in website you need what they call Domain authority, I will explain what is this in my next blogs.

So I guess this is it for now. Hope you enjoy the story and the Journey that we are going through. Who knows our website will be big someday, everyone started at the bottom so follow me through the experience and why not start your own side hustles why you are at it!

Check the other articles on the site so you know what I am talking about previously.

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